About Us GoodKids

We make music. We create avenues for creativity to flow.
We let youth experience the magic of learning through joy.
We believe they all are GoodKids.

Our Philosophy

GoodKids believes that each child has the capability of learning through various avenues. But they are often forced to follow the conventional way. At GoodKids, we cater development of self esteem, confidence, and other soft skills that are essential to cultivate learning desire in youth. What makes us real cool? We use performing arts as a tool to achieve these.
We believe that every youth is a good kid, waiting to discover their strengths.



The three co-founders, Naaraa, Kogge and Bala bring a balance in the dynamics of the GoodKids team. What started off as a volunteer effort by these three has now blown into a functional social enterprise.

Naaraa is a musician with psychology background. She is the lesson planner, the creative one who comes up with the exciting activities to engage the youth. She trains them and helps them to discover their hidden talent be it in performing arts or other skills that they possess. Her own talent inspires the youth.


Bala is a counselling psychologist and a social worker. With his 30 years of experience in handling teenagers, he is the advisor. He listens, trains, and motivates the youth that he is now the favourite among them. He is passionate about alternative education for youth making him constantly experiment new methods.


Kogge is a musician with a generous experience in managing projects. She is the mastermind. Being an ex-engineer and experienced in the entrepreneurship, she puts things in place. She’s on the ground training the youth and building connections with other to take this GoodKids to greater heights.


We have a team of volunteers who have been actively training the youth every week and helping them prepare their final performance. Our volunteers are passionate individuals giving their time and effort to help these youth rediscover themselves. While getting on the ground to train the youth, our volunteers do admit to having a lot fun in every training session.