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Mic Drop!

It is a norm for us to always downplay our own capabilities. This is the common culture that most of us grew up in. We do not praise ourselves and we do not know how to gracefully accept compliments. We see what we can’t do, and we stay away from it because someone had told us that we are not cut out for that. We might have gone against all odds and tried to prove them wrong, but failure at first attempt confirms that we are incapable of that task. So there it goes, thrown into a box, sealed and... Read More

Tub Thumping

The ability to focus and concentrate, or lack thereof, is often the reason students are sent to the GoodKids class. Whether they have some degree of attention deficiency, or are just unable to focus, these kids get bored and distracted and end up disrupting a class.  This results in bright and otherwise talented children, being labeled troublemakers. The GoodKids programme has a real cool way of addressing this, and helping kids to focus. This is through drumming. Aside from drumming being a cool activity in itself, what makes it even cooler is that the drumming is done on recycled items... Read More

A GoodKid

I have always been a strong believer in the power of the youth. They are just the right age. Physically able to do the ‘heavy lifting’, and mentally able to think, understand and reason, while being still idealistic. They make the most ardent followers, vociferous advocates and literally ‘diehard’ supporters of any cause they are taught to believe in. It is little wonder therefore, that leaders (good and bad) have always recruited the youth to spearhead their movement. They are the ones who can change the world. I also believe the best way for them to make a difference is... Read More